Indian Curry Restaurant ‘Shahi Mahal’ in Tokyo

Shahi Mahal is the Indian Curry Restaurant in Tokyo
where three Indian good hand Bengal cooks working. The Chef over 20 year cooking experience and his two assistant cooks serve in the kitchen every day and night. Come to take our delicious Tandoori Chicken, Shrimp Curry, and Butter Chicken Masala!

So delicious our matured yeast nans!

Our raw nans are fermented by our matured yeast for a day and a night. Then, they are backed tenderly in our ‘Tandoor Oven’ one by one.The crispy parts and the glutinous parts are together in a nan. Our high quality nams might make you feel a nan is enough to enjoy the luxurious table.Come to taste our secret yeast fermented nans!

Our reasonable price ‘Set Menus’!

Please enjoy our various kinds of India Bengal Curry tastes.

Besides of our ‘Set Menus’ like ‘TANDOOR Set, ‘LADY’S Set’and ‘DINNER Set’, we also prepared for you the ‘LUNCH Set Menus like follows:.

We prepared the following ‘Take-Out Menu’!

How about our ‘Take-Out Menu’ for your lunch?

Please order them without hesitation! We also prepared ‘Take-Out Set Menu’!



The information from Shahi Mahal to you!

How about engaging our whole restaurant Shahi Mahal for your party?

  • ☆ Twenty four hours operation for a social meeting, the birthday party, your private dining, etc.
  • 2 hours party of ‘leaving the food choice to the chef + free drinks’ costs \3,500 per an adult.
  • ☆ When reserving our whole restaurant,
         20 guests are available for seating style,
         30 guests are available for buffet style party.
  • ※ It’s available to bring your drinks and others as it is your own private space.
  • ※ 2 hours limit per reservation. However, when overtime, \1,000 will be charged per an hour.
  • ※ We prepared the following drinks. However, no Indian beer, sorry! ASAHI DRY BEER, the Iced Lemon drinks, the Japanese SHOCHU liquor, various kinds of ines, Whisky, Lassi and other soft drinks, etc.
  • ※ Our cooks pride of the ‘leaving the food choice to the chef = Hors d’oeuvre’ + ‘Salad’ + ‘Tandoori Chicken’ + ‘3 kinds of Indian Curry’ + ‘Nans’, etc.’ menu may bring you and your guests much satisfaction with full stomach.
  • ※ In case of under 8 guests, you can reserve our whole restaurant with \28,000, including the service charge and 8% consumption tax. It’s very suitable, too, for the dinner of a couple!

☆Catering Service – It costs \25,000 or more, including the service charge and 8% consumption tax.

Sooner reservation! Your inquiry is always welcome!
Let us know ‘your likes and dislikes’ and the delivery place by fax or e-mail, or calling !


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